How to extend the life of your suit: 7 mistakes to avoid

If you often wear a suit and in a way or the other you want to take care of it, you should know that little attention could ensure your suit a longer life and will save your money!

There are some little mistakes that could not only damage your suit, but also ruin the overall look. This post will help you to identify and avoid them.

So, here is a list of what you should avoid if you do not want it to get damaged:

1. Leave your pockets empty

The keys of your car, the smartphone, the wallet… all men leave some stuff in their pockets, but it is time to stop! This habit could damage the cut of your suit and the seams in the long term! If you want to do without a briefcase, you can always choose a small pouch, which is more practical and smaller.

2. Unbutton your jacket

Before sitting, don’t forget to undo all the buttons on your jackets, especially of your double-breasted one, and gently hitch up your trousers, if you don’t want to stress the fabric and the seams.

3. Hello, Hanger

When you are at the office you might want to put off your jacket, especially on summer. If this is the case, don’t hang it up on a common hanger, use a good one instead (padded or wood hangers).

4. Brush it

Use a soft-bristle brush, so that the fibres of your suit won’t get dirty and it will be in good condition for a long time. But be careful to gently use your brush, otherwise you will damage the fabric!

5. Pens are not allowed

The world is digitising, we know it very well, yet for some reason you are desperately looking for that pen, once a day at least. Can’t do without it? Put it in your pencil case if you don’t want to damage the fabric and the inner lining of your suit. Pens are not allowed in the pockets of your suit!

6. Don’t dry-clean it frequently

Are you obsessed with cleanliness? Then have a break and find a more appealing activity. Even though you could brush your suit everyday, don’t abuse dry-cleaning, because it could damage your garment. So, don’t dry-clean your suit more than twice yearly!

7. Rotate your suits

Even if you love that suit, because it perfectly fits you and you feel comfortable with it, it is time to show your other pieces of clothing and stow your favourite one! Don’t wear the same suit more than twice a week and don’t forget to hang it up to let it breathe at least 24 hours before wearing it again.


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