Cadini Made in Italy

Italian essence and manufacturing are proudly the first values in which the brand recognizes and reflects itself.

Cadini Made in Italy

Cadini enhances the quality and excellence of its products where high tailoring and elegance merge. Cadini has always produced in Italy, to guarantee the perfection of each piece of clothing carefully manufactured by skilled labor.

Made in Italy are also the fabrics and all the other materials, linings and buttons. The design department is Italian, cutting and sewing is also all done exclusively in Italy. An artisanal care that combines the most advanced technology with the expert manual skills, the result of tailoring experience and of long and constant training courses carried out within the company. For this reason, for over 30 years, the Made In Italy is a real added value to Cadini collections, in which tradition and experimentation, innovation and experience are inextricably linked to the creation of timeless style garment.

Cadini collection is rooted in the history of Italy, where the sense of beauty and quality has found its greatest expression over the centuries.

Throughout the world, Italy has always meant balance and measurement, harmony, elegance combined with functionality, unique manual skills and maximum quality of the materials.

Cadini enhances the history of its land contributing to the creation of beauty, finding appreciation worldwide.

Attention to tradition does not, in any way ,forget the technical and technological innovations that characterize the fashion industry: Cadini is the author of important fusions between tailoring techniques and industrial production, maniacal quality control and the needs of the markets managing to propose high-end garments with an extraordinary quality / price contribution.