The garments are rooted in the history of Italy, where the sense of beauty and quality has found its greatest expression over the centuries.

Cadini reinterprets, in a modern and contemporary key, the Italian sartorial tradition by creating products with a design that blends high-performance fabrics with clean and elegant cuts.

In the classic part of the collection, the garments are made with Italian fabrics and raw materials of the highest quality, and stitched with skilled handcrafted hands, in full respect of tradition.
In the leisure-wear collection, the garments enhance durability, comfort and contemporary volumes.
Cadini combines heritage and innovation to fulfill the needs of contemporary men.

Cadini total look collection also includes precious accessories, eyewear, watches, belts, shoes, silk ties, shirts, exclusive knitwear, as well as elegant coats and jackets.


Refined and elegant, contemporary and casual, the seasonal collections include garments and accessories that stand out for every occasion.