Cadini unveils the Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Trends

Cadini is thrilled to reveal its highly anticipated Spring/Summer 24 collection, showcasing its commitment to timeless elegance.

Inspired by a stunning color palette of pastel and matte shades, the collection presents a harmonious blend of pink, lime, hazelnut brown, blue, and red. Combined with captivating motifs, Cadini remains at the forefront of the latest trends for the upcoming sunny season.

The highlight of the collection is the introduction of relaxed silhouettes. In fact, they are perfectly aligned with the brand’s concept of “comfortable elegance.” Meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort. Each piece features linen—the principal fabric of the collection. Linen effortlessly embodies the essence of elegance and comfort with softer volumes.

Cadini’s core business, Jackets take center stage in the SS24 collection, including the formal, classic, and iconic field jacket. The true star of the season is the double-breasted suit in 100% linen. It epitomizes modern elegance and showcases the brand’s contemporary relevance.

Embracing the spirit of summer joy, the collection offers an extensive range of shirts in vibrant floral patterns, stylish stripes, and captivating abstract designs. Completing the ensemble, the SS24 collection features dawnsting trousers, bermuda shorts, and updated ceremonial tuxedos adorned with satin details. Cadini also presents a wide range of accessories, including 100% silk ties, pocket squares, sunglasses, and shoes—all 100% made in Italy.

Cadini continues to deliver unparalleled quality, style, and comfort, setting a new standard for contemporary elegance. Discover the SS24 collection and explore Cadini’s world of timeless fashion at