How to wear a tie: the mistakes to avoid

Formal accessory, emblem of virility and elegance, the tie is the perfect detail to not go unnoticed.

It seems easy, but wearing a tie is not easy at all. You have to pay attention to a lot of things: the combinations, the type, the color, the fabric, the occasion… For this reason, it is often easier to leave it in the closet. But why give up such an effective and versatile accessory, just because you don’t know how to wear it?

Here is a guide that will allow you to introduce the tie into your daily looks, avoiding some unpleasant mistakes. 

Elegance is never too much, therefore:

  • Yes, during ceremonies. It elegantly completes the look and almost always beats the bow tie, giving a greater charm and being easier to wear;
  • Yes, in a formal work environment. It is professional and communicates trust and seriousness;
  • Yes, for important events. Whether it’s a private occasion or a special night out, choosing to wear a tie gives importance to the situation.



In short, the tie seems to look good in any case, even on jeans, but what are the mistakes to not be committed?

  1. Never too long and never too short. The tip must always fall at the height of the belt, perfectly in the center.
  2. Loose knots are banned. The keyword is adherence: the knot must be tight to the neck.
  3. Button up the collar to not lose elegance and composure!
  4. Do not wear it wrinkled. Therefore, always pay attention to how you store the tie in the closet after using it.
  5. No inappropriate textures. According to the etiquette, a classic fantasy is perfect for formal situations, while, for special ones, you can opt for a more eccentric design. The secret, however, is to find the right compromise.

In conclusion, the tie can be your great ally to enhance your look. Come to discover the wide range of Cadini ties, for a timeless elegance.