Corozo, a natural alternative to plastic

What is Corozo?

Corozo, also called Vegetable Ivory, is a white natural material, characterized by small grains. It is obtained from tropical plants’ seeds, such as Phytelephas and Macrocarpa, which grows in the verdant and fertile landscapes of the South American rainforests.

After going through a natural drying process, the seeds get picked. They then get carved into the shape of a button, soaked into color tanks, and, finally, get polished through a special treatment that reveals the individual grains, making each button unique and special.

Corozo not only is 100 % natural, but its harvest produces zero environmental impact; indeed
the seeds are ready when the fruits that contain them are riped and eventually drop naturally. There is no need to pick them earlier, as the seed needs to fall naturally to be usable. By waiting the farmers end up causing no harm to the trees.

The trees, once planted, continue to produce fruits for about 100 years, making this a renewable and sustainable source.

This natural alternative to plastic is what we use for our buttons here at Cadini, being faithful to our values and mission of creating a greater sustainable future for the company.


Cadini remains at your disposal, come and discover our selection of Corozo buttons.