pontevecchibnThe company was founded in 1970 in Florence, Italy as a manufacturer of men’s garments and accessories. Since then, Cadini has continuously grown, maintaining a great passion for style, quality, and, research.

Over the years, Cadini has evolved from a manufacturer into a classic menswear brand, developing its own collections.

In 1983, Cadini presented its first total look collection and since 1996, Cadini’s collections have been regularly presented at Pitti Uomo in Florence to target a sophisticated international client base.

To complete the evolution of its business model, at the beginning of the new millennium, Cadini started building its own retail distribution network. In 2001, the first Cadini franchise store was inaugurated in Florence (Italy) and in 2003, how to write a compare and contrast essay introduction examples its second store was opened in Shanghai (China).R1

Finally in 2006, the first “Cadini” brand license agreement was signed.

After 40 years of constant evolution and improvement, Cadini is a solid and reliable brand with the internal capabilities of designing, manufacturing, and distributing total look collections to an international network of sophisticated stores.

Today Cadini competes with some of the largest names in menswear as it continues to grow and enter new markets. Gruppo Cadini operates in over 40 countries, including China, England, India, Mexico, Russia, U.S.A., and others. Cadini’s pride lies in the success of the clients and the satisfaction of the final consumer.