Cadini is recognized for its timeless and elegant menswear. For over three decades Cadini has made innovative steps to become a leader in its industry. Cadini impeccably crafts the “total look” for the everyday man.

Celebrated for its quality and traditional “Made in Italy” style, Cadini has shown, since the beginning, great promise as a renowned manufacturer in the menswear sector.

From the fabrics and designs to the final products, Cadini shows an ongoing commitment to quality. By using imaginative textiles and innovative design sense, Cadini provideshands the total look experience to  customers. The collection consists of luxury men’s suits, shirts, jackets, exquisite silk ties, stylized leather shoes, and a variety of accessories.
Gruppo Cadini is proud of its Italian heritage, recognizing the very values which have led to the success of the ‘MADE IN ITALY’ concept; comprised of high quality materials, colour, imaginative design, and a long cultural and artisan tradition.

The quality control process begins with the meticulous search for superior yet unique textiles, guaranteeing the excellence of every garment. The strength lies in the dedication to producing only fine quality products, while exploring new opportunities to add to the total look experience.

Every season CADINI creates and presents a new collection, based on the trends of the upcoming season, still remaining faithful to its classic elegant look. The company gives an opportunity to place an order, selecting different types of textiles, according to the company’s offered colour cards.
To be able to do so, please contact our showroom for an appointment: or +39 075 8000737.

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